Are you a newbie in a knitting art or an experienced crafter who love to create pieces of art in the knitting world? Both of you will not pass by Pony Classic 35cm Colored Plastic and flexible knitting needles without paying attention! These needles are perfect for those who just started to knit as the loops don’t slip, the stitches don’t fall off and allow you to achieve the required density of the product. Pony Classic Needles are suitable for knitting items from a delicate yarn - viscose, silk, mercerized cotton and others. If you are a lover of creating large projects these needles have a great length for your masterpieces and big enough to see any missed or dropped stitches that makes it easier to knit. Don’t be afraid to break it, though they bend easily but strong at the same time. Discover now Pony Premium plastic colorful needle all sizes with Hobinis Yarns.