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No end in sight

The yarn is solidly woven and I’ve had no issues with splitting, which is great. It is cotton, so keep in mind that there is little to no stretch in the yarn, so it can be tiring to work with. I could not find the end of the yarn to save my life and ended up with a huge knot coming out of the center. As a result, I had to work to untangle as much as I could and then use a winder to completely rewind the skein. I know that sometimes this happens in yarn, but I’m looking ahead at the other skeins I’ve purchased, and can see that this may be an issue with those too. I suspect that there may just be a secret to Alize that I’m missing here.

YarnArt Jeans Knitting Yarn, White - 01

Alize cotton gold

Love this yarn, works up well. Loving my results. Great fast service.

Great product and great service


I am loving this for my projects

First time buyer

I am very happy with the yarn and as soon as I can come up with more money I will be ordering more.


Great product. It doesn’t ‘shed’ nearly as much as traditional poly fill while stuffing and sewing amigurumi. It’s especially great for small dolls/amigurumi, etc bc it gives a clean result.

Beautiful Yarn

This yarn is gorgeous and it’s so soft! My only complaint is that it’s a bit fragile and prone to falling apart when finishing or ripping back. You need to be gentle with it.

Not impressed by quality.

While not as bad as the 778 - orange; the ivory also has several bare patches that had to be cut out. One end had been jammed in the center and came out in a matted wad that had several hard knots. The end was frayed with bare spots. I had to cut about 10cm before I could even start using the ball (this doesn't include the time it took to unwad and unknot the yarn.)

I do not recommend this brand

Ball contained cut pieces

Of the 4 balls of Dolce Velvet I purchased at one time, this one had the best overall quality. The big annoyance was the ball was cut into 3 pieces. I noticed the extra ends when I took the ball out of the packaging. The ball winding was undisturbed and it looked like the ends had worked out where they had been tucked inside. One piece was short, about 25cm. The second piece was longer, about 2.25m. The rest of the ball was in one piece.

Not impressed by quality

Bought 2 balls of this color. Both balls had several spots of missing fiber that couldn’t be hidden forcing me to cut the yarn. The spots were several meters apart, causing multiple yarn cuts and joins. One ball actually had a highly visible join of the base white thread. That spot, including the missing fibers on each side was about 30mm wide. The same ball had spot on an outer wrap that looked like the ball was hung on a hook for a period of time and was roughly treated.
I am not recommending this brand. Wish I had taken photos.

Gorgeous colors

Love this Macrame yarn, such beautiful colors!

Used for Amigurumi

Absolutely the color choices this yarn provides. It’s soft and smoochie. The only problem I have when working with the Himalaya Dolphin Baby Yarn is how easily the fibers break away from the string it’s attached to. This makes it difficult when attempting to tie off.

Great yarn for amigurumi!

Great yarn for Amigurumi and fast shipping.

Himalaya Dolphin Baby Chenille Yarn

Love this yarn. It's so easy to crochet with! Not good for sewing though, tends to fall apart.

Not quite navy

Not a true navy blue. Not dark enough.

Loop yarn

I love the color and texture. Great quality


Very pleased with the quality of this yarn.

Love this yarn. Like how quick it gets here & shopping cost is reasonable!!

Recently bought yarn

Love this yarn . I crochet amigurimi and it has just enough stretch to it that it’s easy on my hands and the colors are beautiful. 😊

Schachenmayr Catania 100% Cotton Knitting Yarn, White - 9801210-00106

Received my yarn Monday. Very satisfied with the quality. Just took a very long time to receive it.