Prepare for summer with YarnArt Jeans Plus Yarn! Jeans Plus is a thicker version of YarnArt Jeans, a bit denser but still the same pleasant-to-touch thread. If the yarn could be described in one sentence it’d be: Bright Summer Yarn with a high cotton content. Made of the combination of cotton and acrylic provides a unique combination of the qualities of these two materials. Cotton makes the yarn soft and also allows the skin to breathe. Acrylic adds resistance to various impacts, making the yarn durable so you could wear your favorite cardigan longer. The combination of acrylic and cotton works great in various knitting techniques - from openwork patterns to voluminous products. Thanks to the structure of the yarn which helps to hold knitted products’ shapes well which is especially important for knitting items of clothing or accessories. The yarn will definitely catch attention of amigurumi lovers too. What about bright summer with YarnArt Jeans Plus Yarn?