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amigurumiRabbit RattleTeether Making

Rabbit Teether Amigurumi Making

Rabbit Teether Amigurumi Making


  • Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting yarns; 
    • 3430 Gazzal Baby Cotton Gray Color
    • 3444 Gazzal Baby Cotton Pink Color
  • 2.2 mm crochet hook
  • Black sewing thread
  • Rattle
  • 70 mm rattle ring


Sh: Magic ring
Zn: Chain
X: sc
V: Increase
A: Subtraction
Dc: Double handrail
En: Triple handrail
(…)*: Repeating the same action
Cc: loop shift



In this moment we will knit with gray yarn.

1) Magic ring 6x
2) 6v = 12x
3) (1x, 1v)*6 = 18x
4) (2x, 1v)*6 = 24x
5) (3x, 1v)*6 = 30x
6) (4x, 1v)*6 = 36x
7) (5x, 1v)*6 = 42x
8) (6x, 1v)*6 = 48x
9-16) 48x

Eyes 12-13. We attach them between the rows with 6x between them.

We process the eyelashes with black thread.


17) (6x, 1a)*6 = 42x
18) (5x, 1a)*6 = 36x
19) (4x, 1a)*6 = 30x

We fill the fiber and place the rattle, we fill it with fiber again. Let's be careful that our rattle is in the middle, otherwise our head shape may not look good.

20) (3x, 1a)*6 = 24x
21) (2x, 1a)*6 = 18x
22) (1x, 1a)*6 = 12x
23) 6a = 6x

Ear (2 pcs)

We knit with gray yarn.

1) Magic ring 6x
2) (1x, 1v)*3 = 9x
3) (2x, 1v)*3 = 12x
4) 12x
5) (3x, 1v)*3 = 15x
7) 15x
8) (4x, 1v)*3 = 18x
9) 18x
10) (5x, 1v)*3 = 21x
11) (6x, 1v)*3 = 24x
12) 24x
13) (6x, 1a)*3 =21x
14) 21x
15) (5x, 1a)*3 = 18x
16) (4x, 1a)*3 = 15x
17) (3x, 1a)*3 = 12x
18) 12x


We knit with pink yarn.

We measure 20-25 chains and we make 4-5 handrails in each chain (If you have less railing, you will not have any frills, so 4-5 handrails are ideal.). In this way, we knit 3 rows.


We knit with gray yarn.

We draw 29 chains and make frequent needles on it. As we pass each upper row, we draw a chain and knit 4-5 rows until it completely covers it. The number of rows may vary depending on the thickness or thinness of your rope.

Here it is ready.

Amigurumi Gray Rabbit Rattle/Teether Making finished amigurumi toy knitting pattern


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